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Can I give my dog Ibuprofen for pain?

When pets have pain, people want a simple solution and tend to look in their own medicine cabinet just as they would for themselves. It is unfortunately common for people to make an assumption that a safe medication for people will also be safe for pets and a number of animals are poisoned by ibuprofen when their owner attempts a simple treatment for pain. Never use any medication on your pet without checking with your veterinarian.

Ibuprofen  inhibits prostaglandins involved in the blood supply to the stomach as well as blood supply to the kidneys. This can cause serious complications such as gastric ulcers or kidney failure. Aleve and Tylenol in addition to most over the counter pain relievers can be very dangerous to pets.

If your pet is in pain, he/she should be examined by a veterinarian to determine what the best pain relief drug is for your pets specific problem. Following the label directions carefully will help keep your pet comfortable and prevent any problems.

Alison Adler, DVM

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