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I have a cat that 17 years old, is blind and deaf and can’t walk, i think I need to put it to sleep. Need prices.

Hello, I am sorry to hear that your cat’s quality of life has become poor.  Euthanasia (putting your cat down) is an incredibly tough decision, and we understand that you may be struggling with it.  As stewards to our pets, it is our job to ensure that the quality of our pet’s life is as good as it can be, and when it becomes poor or unacceptable we do have the luxury of helping them through relieving their discomfort.  The euthanasia procedure consists of giving your cat an injection which will stop his heartbeat and breathing.  We can do this for you at any of our four locations and the cost is around $65.00.  If you decide to have your cat cremated, that will be around $43.00.  You can call or email us at any time to schedule.  We also will come to your home for the procedure.

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