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My senior cat is having a hard time breathing, is not eating much, and has lost a lot of weight. Is it time to put him to sleep?

Q: My cat is having a hard time breathing. Previous issues with blockage in the intestines which resulted in 2 hospital stays to unblock within 8mos. His diet has been changed to a science diet fiber food. Since then he has lost a lot of weight and cannot gain it back. He is an old cat (14yrs) and would like to know if he should be put to sleep. He will not eat and is drinking a little.

A: I am very sorry to hear that your cat is having such a hard time.  14 is getting up there in age, but many cats live to be nearly 18-20 years old these days.  Difficulty breathing or labored breathing can be from many, many things:  pain, anxiety, stress, decreased lung capacity, heart disease, diaphragmatic hernia, urinary blockage, intestinal blockage, etc just to name a few.  At any rate, your cat needs immediate medical attention.  We can examine your cat this morning and give you an idea about what can be done.  Call us at 813 988 1189.

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