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New puppy! What are your fees to spay and Microchip?

Q: we are getting a Chinese Crested puppy the first week in July.  she will be 12 weeks old.  We live in Carrollwood and are looking to get established with a vet for her. Can you please let us know what you fees are and what you charge to spay and microchip?Thank you

A: Chinese Cresteds are really cool dogs!  You must be really proud.  To answer your question, we happen to only charge our clients what it cost us to perform an ovariohysterectomy (spay).  Our cost is $249, and the microchip will be $53 (includes the chip, implantation and registration/paperwork).  In general, this surgery is the most dramatic of most pet’s life, barring any emergency, so ensuring you have this major procedure done properly is really important!  Included in our cost is an examination by the veterinarian, pre-emptive, multimodel pain management, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, IV catheterization and fluid administration, tailored anesthetic agents, sterile surgical field, a dedicated anesthesia monitoring technician, post operative pain management, monitored recovery and an overnight stay.  This is a big decision, so come visit the hospital and ask for a tour.  Or call and ask to speak directly with a veterinarian.

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