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My 15 year old toy poodle hasn’t eaten since last Monday and has not drank any water since last night. We are accepting these are his last hours/days but will he be in pain if we let him die on his own? I see horror reports on line that it is cruel and they are in pain when organs are shutting down. Is it an option to have someone come to the house to put him down in his own bed? Pebble Creek was able to do that with my boxer back in 2006, but not sure if North Bay offers that service.

I am very sorry to hear about your poodle, the lack of any appetite for several days is one of the biggest factors for out pets when considering their quality of life. It can take animals several days before they pass on at home and the process of organ failure causing a build up of toxins in the body can indeed cause unnecessary suffering. At home euthanasia can be arranged through any of our hospitals including North Bay and they can also help you arrange for cremation services

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