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Do you do ear cropping?

Thank you for your question about ear cropping.

Ear cropping is the surgical amputation of a large portion of the ear flap, or pinna.  This surgery is painful and has risks including infection, blood loss, and complications from anesthesia.  The surgery is essentially cosmetic, meaning that it is performed only to change the appearance of a dog.  There is no evidence that it decreases ear infections as is commonly claimed.

In 2008 the American Veterinary Medical Association joined the American Animal Hospital Association, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, and their counterparts in Europe and Australia in opposing ear cropping.  We comply with this statement and we don’t perform ear cropping at our hospitals.  We strongly encourage you not to have your dog’s ears cropped.

Please feel free to contact us at 813 885 4477 if you have any further questions regarding this procedure.

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