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I have used Frontline Plus on my Brittany Spaniel for about 8 years. It does not seem to be working anymore. She is really allergic to flea bites. Do you recommend Comfortis, and is it safe?

Hello and thank you for your question about Frontline. Yes, unfortunately some of the older topical flea products do not work near as well as they used to for dogs and cats. Some experts think that this is do to a decrease in the susceptible population-a fancy term for the fleas are becoming resistant to some extent. However ,there are a number of other good options for flea control in dogs. Comfortis is one of these and can do well under the right circumstance. Overall it is a very safe medication, but as with any product the health and other lifestyle factors of a patient need to be taken into consideration in determining if this is the best product for your Brittany Spaniel. Even though fleas are a very big issue when it comes to parasites in dogs, there are other external and internal parasites that always need to be addressed in conjunction with fleas. I would advise that you come in so that we may perform a thorough examination of your companion and then discuss your situation with one of our veterinarians. In this way we can determine which product would best suit your needs, which may or may not include Comfortis. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns and we hope to see you soon.  Sincerely, Dr. Paul H. Langston

If your pet is having flea problems, Comfortis is safe and effective. It needs to be given every 30 days to maintain it’s full effectiveness. Even if you have given your pet Frontline recently you can still administer Comfortis at any time safely as there is no negative interaction between the two products. The side effects of Comfortis include vomiting after dosing but very few patients experience this. If your pet has a sensitive stomach make sure to feed her before administration of Comfortis to help alleviate stomach upset. Don’t forget that treatment of other pets and the environment is very important for good flea control. Always contact a veterinarian if you are still having flea issues for more advice. Good luck!

Dr. Alison Adler, 813-885-4477

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