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My 11 year old pit bull has developed a hematoma. I understand the surgery costs $400-530. I was recently laid-off. Can you drain it or provide me with some help for her at less than $400?

Thanks for your question.

From your question I’m assuming your pet has an aural hematoma, or a large pocket of blood in the ear flap.  This condition usually occurs due to head-shaking or ear scratching as a result of an ear infection.

Surgical management is really the best alternative.  Simply draining the pocket usually results in it filling back up with fluid.  Left untreated the ear is painful.

We offer a couple of different ways to help you pay for services that your pet needs.  We accept CareCredit, which allows you to pay your balance in monthly installments with low or no-interest to you (check out for information and to apply online), also we can set up a series of monthly automatic withdrawals from a checking account.

We look forward to being able to find the right option for you so that you can provide the care that your pet needs.  You can call us at any time at 813 988 1189.

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