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Why is my cat shaking her head all the time?

Q: Good day, my cat keep shaking her head time after time, especially after I stroke her.I contacted RSPCA and they sad that it seems like she might have ear infection,or nits.I still have to register with them before I can get my cat checked over.I was just worry that she might be in pain.She don’t appear to be.She isn’t very petty cat and don’t like to be stroked much,she eats normally,and her behavior haven’t changed. She does have dark wax as I cleaned her ears.How can I know if she is in any pain,as she does appeared to be having a discomfort,when shaking her head?Thanks for Your advise,Regards Kristina

A: Thank you for contacting us.  The RSPCA was quite correct that there are several reasons for an increase in wax production in your cat’s ears, including infections with bacteria, yeast or ear mites.  Certain allergies may also cause excessive wax production.
Cats are very good at disguising their discomfort.  As wax secretion is usually a response to inflammation or irritation, it would be wise to have your pet checked out by a vet as soon as possible. This will help to determine the exact nature of the problem,
prevent it from getting worse, and ensure that your pet is not in any discomfort.

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