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I have a Lab with two bad hips and I am interested in the FHO surgery. Do you do this type of surgery on a large dog and what is the fee for this?

Thank you for your inquiry.  In general, prior to deciding the best solution for a serious hip disease correction, a comprehensive physical examination would need to completed and diagnostic radiographs would need to be taken.  Assuming we have that information, and assuming that you have been made aware of and do not wish to pursue other alternatives for correcting the problem, femoral head ostectomy can be a viable solution.  FHOs are performed under general anesthesia and can take a few hours to complete on a larger dog.  The procedure the is actual amputation of the head of the femur.  One hip will cost around $1500 to $2000 based on many factors, primarily length of anesthesia and surgery time.   Be VERY LEARY of a ‘low cost’ quote, as many important safety and pain control options are generally cut out of the care to ‘keep your costs’ low.  It is a tragedy when in attempt to save a little bit of money, you compromise your pet’s chances of the best, most favorable outcome.  A better plan of costs can be given after an actual examination has be performed and radiographs have been reviewed.  Prior to anesthesia, your pet will have an examination, review of history and radiographs, pre-anesthestic bloodwork, pre-emptive, and multi-modal pain controlling medications.  An intravenous catheter will be placed and supportive fluids and pain control will be administered throughout the procedure.  An epidural block for the rear limbs is strongly advised to support further pain control.  The pet should be monitored closely during anesthesia and during recovery from anesthesia, and should be able to go home within 24 hours of the surgery.  Physical rehabilitation is a necessity after this type of surgery to get your pet ‘back on their feet’ as quickly as possible, so you can pursue correcting the other hip.  In general, due to the nature of this surgery and recovery from surgery, amputating both femoral heads at the same time is not advised.  If you are swift and there are no complications, your pet could be back on their feet within a couple of months.   You are welcome to call Dr. Timothy Lassett at 813-885-4477 or Dr. Link Welborn at 813-988-1189 to ask direct and specific questions.

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