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I bought a Senegal parrot, and was told she is only 1 year old. Is there any way to check if the bird is healthy, and how old it is?

Congratulations on your new pet! Senegal parrots are fantastic birds.

A good physical exam by an experienced (preferably Board-Certified) avian veterinarian is the most important step in ensuring that your pet is healthy. Determining the age may be difficult; however, there are some baseline lab tests in addition to a good exam that should be performed including testing for Psittacosis (a bacterial infection), Circovirus (also known as Beak and Feather Disease), intestinal parasites, and some baseline bloodwork. These tests will give you confidence that your new addition is healthy. In addition, we can discuss proper nutrition, housing, grooming, and training.

Dr Helmer is an excellent, Board-Certified avian veterinarian who is available for appointments at our NorthBay, Temple Terrace, and Pebble Creek locations. He would love to meet you and your new pet. You can call him to talk or schedule an appointment at 813 885 4477 or 813 973 8566.

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