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Hi, I’d like to know your fees for vaccines for a shitsu, 5 yrs old male. He was previously with Pet Smart but I’d like some where closer to home.

Shih Tzu’s are really cool dogs, I bet you love him a lot! Thank you for your inquiry! We have 3 locations throughout Tampa that will be able to see you and your dog. For each patient’s safety, we believe in tailoring vaccinations based on that individual pet’s age, breed, lifestyle and travel habits. Vaccines are to be considered and administered as if they were ‘medicine’, so there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. We only administer those vaccines that are important to your individual pet’s lifestyle. In general, most dogs receive a Canine Rabies Vaccine (our 3 year is $24.51) and a Canine Distemper (complex) Vaccine (our 3 year is $38.93). A Canine Distemper Titer ($45) is recommended in place of a vaccine in those pets that have already been vaccinated in the past. In many cases, vaccines that a pet has received in his past, are still circulating enough ‘antibodies’ against that disease to protect them, and so vaccinating again is inappropriate (unnecessary). There are other vaccinations that may be necessary for your pet based on travel habits. A Bordetella Vaccine (our 1 year is $17.54) and/or Canine Influenza Vaccine (our 1 year is $19.85) would be for your pet if he goes to the dog parks, beaches, kennel, groomer, or where other dogs frequent. If you travel in the Northeast or your pet comes in contact with ticks, you may need to vaccinate your dog for Lyme Disease (our 1 year is $18.86). Most importantly, before you vaccinate your pet, your pet should have a comprehensive physical examination ($46), a heartworm test ($33) and a fecal parasite test ($19). Ensuring your pet is healthy enough for vaccination and free of parasites should be considered a priority over vaccines. We will begin to suggest senior care by the time your pet reaches the age of 7 years old, so be sure to ask about that too! In any case, always ask for an explaination of our recommendations and the cost associated with our recommendations prior to your visit. If you wish to speak directly to a veterinarian, you may call us anytime at 813 885 4477. Hope to see you soon!

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