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My 18 month old cat is an active and healthy cat. Lately though, she has thrown up. Is normal or if I should be worried?

Q: Hi,I have a 18 month old cat named Lily. She is an active and healthy cat, within normal weight range and is updated on all her shots. She has no behavioral issues or any problems eating. Lately though, I have noticed that every few days or so the past week and a half she has thrown up. It is not liquid, it is more like a soft solid (it looks like mushed up cat food). She and her brother have food bowls that always stay out. They eat Purina Indoor Cat Chow strictly, with occasional Fancy Feast fanned food once every two weeks or so. This has been their diet for over a year, so she has not had a diet change. I am just wondering if this is normal or if I should be worried. She is not showing any signs of being sick and has been acting normally. Before throwing up, she hacks a little bit. Once she has thrown up, she continues about her day unalarmed. I took a picture of it but cannot find a place to attach a photo. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I’m a college student so taking her into the vet is expensive for me. But if needed, I have no problem doing so. Thanks. Nicole

A: Dear Nicole,
There are quite a few potential causes for the vomiting you are describing.  Certainly this frequency is not normal, even if she is otherwise acting normal.  Causes include swallowing something that is currently sitting in her stomach and creating irritation, other dietary indiscretion (plants, food ingredients…),  other infections (intestinal parasites, bacterial or viral infections), or even issues with other parts of her body such as asthma (coughing until she vomits), liver or kidney issues.

The most important immediate concern is that she continues to eats and hold down the majority of her meals. Otherwise, we need to start with an exam, then possibly labwork, diet change, or unfortunately x-rays.  I hope this information is helpful.  We will be happy to see you and Lily at any time.  Call us at 813 877 6369 for an appointment.   Christine Simon D.V.M.

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