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I always seem to clip my dog’s nails too far and they bleed. How do I know how short to cut them?

Unfortunately, not all nails are created equal, one method doesn’t necessarily work for all.  If you dog has clear or light colored nails, all you have to do is look for the nice pink area on the nail called the quick (the blood supply to the snail), then trim leaving a small amount of nail in front of the quick.

If your dog has dark or black nails the simplest way to trim their nails is to trim off a small amount of nail with each cut, playing close attention to the center cut portion of the nail.  What you’re looking for is a soft dark target to appear in the center, this is the beginning of the quick and trimming any further will cause the nail to bleed.  Some dogs have longer quicks than others, so how far you are able to trim back may be limited.

Remember, we offer grooming and nail trimming services at all of our locations – so bring your pet in if you’re not sure just what to do!

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