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I just adopted a new morkie puppy. He is 6 weeks old. He keeps scratching by his ears a lot. Is this normal?

Congratulations on your new puppy!! Scratching of the ears in any pet is not normal. It can indicate a problem such as ear infections, fleas, mites, dry skin and/or allergies. 6 weeks of age is an important time in a puppy’s life as this is an age where their immune system is not yet completely developed and they are more susceptible to infections and other diseases. For this reason, vaccines are important every 3 weeks until they are 4 months of age. An exam by a Veterinarian during each of these times is crucial as well so that they can ensure your puppy’s health as he is growing and catch any health concerns early. Please have your puppy examined as soon as possible so that any potential problems can be addressed.

Dr. Lacie Armstrong

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