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My Love Bird has stopped eating as much, been losing weight, throwing up, and has been kind of had a drooping head and body overall, also has a bald spot that looks irritated. Our love birds have their water changed 3 times a day, their food changed twice a day and clean cages as well as those anti mite things on their cages. We don’t know what to do as we fear one of our love birds is getting worse and worse, could you help?

Small birds, such as lovebirds, need to be examined by an experienced avian veterinarian at the first sign of disease.  There are many illnesses that could cause the signs that you describe. Please call us to set up a convenient time to have your pet evaluated as soon as possible. We are open evenings and weekends to accomodate your busy schedule, call us at 813 973 8655 so we can help you!

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