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I would like to get our male dog fixed but would like to leave his testicals on. Who does it?

Thanks for your question about your pet’s surgery.  The usual procedure when a male dog is castrated is to remove the testicles.  This has several benefits including: i) stopping the pet from reproducing, ii) eliminating the risk of testicular cancer, iii) decreasing the risk of prostatic disease,
and iv)reducing or eliminating unwanted behaviors such as mounting, urine marking, wandering, and aggression.

As an alternative to castration, a vasectomy may be performed.  Although this will prevent breeding, it will not have any of the other benefits of neutering.

If your concern is mostly cosmetic, meaning you’d like for your dog to still look the same after neutering as he does before, consider neutering him then having silicone implants placed.  Known as Neuticles, these sterile implants are placed in the scrotum after removing the testicles to look just like an intact dog, while having all the benefits of castration.

We’d be happy to help you further with your pet.  Please contact us for an appointment at your convenience at 813 973 8566.

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