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I think my parakeet is sick or pregnant help!

Parakeets, or budgies as they are also known, are wonderful avian pets.  Their small size makes it very important to monitor their health very closely as seemingly small problems can become very serious rapidly.

All pet birds are masters of disguising their illnesses.  Initial signs can be very vague and usually by the time we notice abnormalities in our pets the illness has already been present for some time.  Some of the signs you may notice include a decrease in appetite, increased effort breathing, fluffed feathers, decrease or change in color in droppings, or even swelling of the abdomen.  Any of these signs should prompt a same-day visit to us to check your pet over. A “wait-and-see” approach is never advised for our avian patients as they can deteriorate so rapidly.

Semi-annual early detection exams can help us to pick up problems very early and maximize the length and quality of our avian pets lives.

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