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I am planning on purchasing a hedgehog as a pet in the next few months. After there any vaccinations or health treatments that these animals need or are required to own?

Hedgehogs are fascinating pets.  There are not any routine vaccinations for hedgehogs; however, as with any non-traditional pet an examination soon after purchase is strongly recommended.  The reasons for this exam include:
i) looking for signs of common diseases (in hedgehogs these include internal parasites, external parasites (mites), and ringworm)
ii) discussion of proper diet
iii) getting on the right track with housing and behaviors

Many of the disease problems that are seen in exotic pets are related to poor husbandry practices, and we can prevent many of these problems by getting off to a good start.  Be sure to check out the various articles on hedgehogs care that we have on the website  Click on Pet Health Resources, then Pet Health Articles, and search on Hedgehog!

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