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My new puppy has not been to the vet yet. What can I expect and how much will it cost?

Q: My new puppy, “Captain”, has not been to the vet yet. He’s around five or six weeks old now, is it time for him to be seen by an animal doctor for shots? If it is time, what can I expect and how much will it cost. Thank you.

A: Congrats on your new puppy! Captain is a great name!  Puppies need to visit the veterinarian by the time they are 6 weeks old.  The first visit is really important.  The doctor will perform an examination, a check for worms, and administer the specific and appropriate vaccines.  Your puppy will also be started on heartworm prevention and be de-wormed.  The doctor will also answer any questions you may have and review house-training and ongoing care.  The first visit usually costs around $50-$60.  In any and all cases, at our practice or otherwise, ask for a plan of costs so you fully understand the care that is needed for your unique pet.  Call us at 813 988 1189 so we can get you in to see the doctor right away!  See you soon!

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