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We are looking for a Shih Tzu puppy. One of the breeders I’ve been communicating with has the puppy neutered at 8 weeks. My daughter, who is a vet tech, thinks that is too early and can wind up with incontinence problems. Is this true?

It has been shown that dogs neutered before the age of 4-4.5 months have a higher potential for urinary incontinence later in life because they never get the benefit of certain sex steroids. Waiting too long to spay or neuter a pet, however can lead to increased potential for certain cancers later in life or for certain behavioral problems. It is for this reason it is recommended that spay or neuter is performed between the ages of 4.5 months-7 months. At this time the puppy should also be up to date on all puppy vaccines and therefore be of a proper immune status as well. Please contact us with any other questions you may have in your adoption process.  -Dr. Lacie Armstrong, 813 988 1189

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