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I was walking my dog on a trail around a lake and she was off leash. Apparently she was bitten by something. Difficulity breathing uncontrolable sneezing and her eye seems to want to stay shut. Two hours ago I gave her liquid Benadryl but she is still have difficulties. What should I do?

I agree that it sounds like your pet is having an allergic reaction, possibly to an insect bite or sting; however it is also possible that your dog sniffed up a foreign body (such as a seed, blade of grass, or other foreign material) which is resulting in nasal inflammation.

Any time your pet is having difficulty breathing she should be evaluated as soon as possible.  We have convenient evening and weekend hours to accomodate unforseen problems.  Please call us at 813 988 1189 to set up a time to have your pet evaluated as soon as possible

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