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Why was my cat acting strange and aggressive?

Q: Yesterday morning I woke up and went to feed my cats.  My female just had kittens 5 days ago. First thing i did was check and she wasn’t with them or near them so i thought that odd, because she hasnt left them. I noticed to areas with vomit on the floor then I walked out to the screen porch where the go there or in the house.  I walked passed her and she didnt even look up at me until i approached her, she was laying flat on her stomach with her legs sprawled out to the sides and vomit laying right under her head and face, when i went to pet her and see what was wrong she hissed and whined loud and tried to claw at me(she has never hissed b4, very sweet kitty) I immediately attempted to put her in the pet carrier to take her to the er vet but had a very hard time, she was very aggressive, pupils dialated..i finally got her in, and when i arrived at the vet i told them that she had not been vaccinated for anything yet and since she was being very aggressive they didnt want to get bit or scratched so they left her in the carrier, meanwhile asking me how i could pay, i applied for carecredit and didnt get approved, called a friend, they didnt get approved, so they wouldnt do anything.  then started talking about putting her down, i didnt know what else to do….they said she had neurological problem and would probly never be the same…so, i agreed and they let me go in and see her before they did it and i approached her slowly, but then she perked her ears up, her eyes went normal and i was petting her and she was purring..there NO WAY i could put her down and shes acting ok…normal.   so i took her out and let her walk around and she was staggering a little and her head was moving back and forth just a little bit….so i took her home.  as soon as we got home she ate fine, went right to her babies, but her balance is still a little off…what happened???

A: I’m sorry to hear that your pet isn’t feeling well.  Unfortunately it is impossible to tell you exactly what happened with your cat without examining her and performing some diagnostic testing.  However, I am concerned that your pet hasn’t had any vaccines. Vaccines are inexpensive and very effective in protecting against common viral diseases such as Panleukopenia (feline distemper), Feline Leukemia, and of utmost importance, Rabies.

Rabies is a viral disease that is spread between mammals by contact with bodily fluids, particularly bite wounds. Wildlife, including bats, foxes, and raccoons, act as reservoirs of the disease and infect pets and people when they bite.  Rabies causes neurologic symptoms and is fatal.  Vaccination of our pets protects them against disease but also protects the people with whom  they come in contact.

The symptoms that your pet displayed may be caused by exposure to a toxin, a systemic disease such as liver or kidney problems, trauma, or problem with the central nervous system such as bacterial, parasitic, or viral infection among others.  Please have your cat examined as soon as possible and rabies testing should be considered if she passes away. Your local Department of Health can help with further questions about Rabies. Please have the kittens properly vaccinated.

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