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We all know that pet ownership isn’t always easy — but our team of veterinarians and veterinary experts are here to help! Have you noticed a behavior change in your animal recently? Or perhaps you’re not sure if you need to bring them in to our animal clinic, or just wait it out?

You can send questions directly to our animal hospital and our team of veterinarians will promptly provide our insight!

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Q. What are possible causes of blood in a bird’s poop if the microscopic fecal tests are normal?

Hello! Possible causes for the clinical signs you describe can include abnormalities with the cloaca or the surrounding tissue itself, internal organ dysfunction, inappropriate diets, or other abnormalities that should be addressed. We welcome you to make an appointment with … Continue reading

Q. My guinea pig’s right eye is shut closed and seems to be watery, crusty, red and swollen. She is eating and drinking regularly. I am concerned she may have a respiratory infection.

Hello! While guinea pigs can certainly have respiratory infections that can cause eye drainage and crusting, other problems could also cause her symptoms. A corneal ulcer or scratch from hay or something in her pen is also common and can … Continue reading

Q. My pet has food allergies. We tried 2 different dog foods and nothing helps. The only thing that keeps his tummy in the clear is chicken and rice. He’s itching a lot! Should we do a food allergy test?

I am sorry to hear about your pet’s trouble! Food allergy and food insensitivity are things that happen and require more information to truly determine if this is the cause of your pet’s clinical signs. Allergies in general are one … Continue reading

Q. My pet rat has severe bumblefoot. What can i do for him at home? I have Bactine, peroxide, iodine and Silver ointment but nothing is helping that rock-hard swelling and abscess. Please help!

Thank you for contacting us with your question! My name is Dr. Kristi Rhodes and I am a veterinarian at North Bay Animal Hospital. My interest is primarily in exotic animal medicine because I love rats as well, so I … Continue reading

Q. I heard that peanut butter may not be safe for my dog. Is that true?

Regular peanut butter is usually OK as an occasional treat or a helper for getting medications into dogs, though too much can be fattening. However, some newer peanut butter formulations now contain xylitol, a sugar substitute also found in sugar-free … Continue reading

Q. Can I give my dog Ibuprofen for pain?

When pets have pain, people want a simple solution and tend to look in their own medicine cabinet just as they would for themselves. It is unfortunately common for people to make an assumption that a safe medication for people … Continue reading

Q. I have a 5 year old Guinea Pig. He is wet under his chin and his feet were black about a week ago. Now his feet have black spots and his nails are brown. Is he dying of old age or something else? He has lost a lot a weight over the last week. Not sure what to do?

Whenever an older guinea pig is having wetness under his chin and showing weight loss, I am concerned about dental disease causing discomfort and loss of appetite. Dental disease can be managed through a thorough oral exam, trimming and evaluation … Continue reading

Q. Is it true that dogs with cryptochidism have a higher incidence of developing testicular cancer later in life? At what age is it recommended that the retained testicle be removed?

Yes, it is absolutely true that retained testicles have a significantly higher incidence of developing testicular cancer later in life. The recommended age for neutering, however, is the same as for non-cryptorchid patients. We recommend neutering patients expected to weigh … Continue reading

Q. Are mushrooms bad for dogs?

With the rain we’ve had recently, you’ve probably seen mushrooms popping up all over the place. Did you know they can be dangerous for your dog? The rain has been falling, and that means mushrooms are sprouting.  That could be … Continue reading

Q. Why would two cats that have peacefully coexisted for years suddenly start having horrible fights?

While cats are social creatures, they are solitary survivors, and the relationships they form are far more fragile than those of obligate social creatures such as dogs and humans. The first question a veterinarian should ask when faced with an … Continue reading