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We all know that pet ownership isn’t always easy — but our team of veterinarians and veterinary experts are here to help! Have you noticed a behavior change in your animal recently? Or perhaps you’re not sure if you need to bring them in to our animal clinic, or just wait it out?

You can send questions directly to our animal hospital and our team of veterinarians will promptly provide our insight!

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Q. Hi, I’d like to know your fees for vaccines for a shitsu, 5 yrs old male. He was previously with Pet Smart but I’d like some where closer to home.

Shih Tzu’s are really cool dogs, I bet you love him a lot! Thank you for your inquiry! We have 3 locations throughout Tampa that will be able to see you and your dog. For each patient’s safety, we believe … Continue reading

Q. Are there any schools that give low rates on pet surguries? My Bassett Hound has a cyst on his back, but I need a payment plan.

Hello, Almost all veterinary hospitals offer payment plans via Care Credit or Citi Health Card. These are two very good low interest credit options that are available to all consumers. You can simply go to either company’s website and apply … Continue reading

Q. How much fiber does my dog need?

Q: My dog weighs about 55Lbs. How much pumpkin should i give her for fiber a day? Do you have something else to recommend to add to her food? She eats mostly wet food so i wanted to add something … Continue reading

Q. I was wondering the cost of a pregnancy exam for a chihuahua and if needed do you perform emergency C-sections?

A comprehensive physical examination will cost around $50.  We do perform c- sections and the cost is around $300-$500 based on the complexity of the surgery and care needed for the puppies.  Call us for an appointment at  813 973 … Continue reading

Q. My dog is throwing up foamy saliva he hasn’t ate and he’s not being his normal self. What should I do?

I am sorry to hear your dog is having trouble.  It sounds as though he needs to see the doctor.  Vomiting is not normal and can be a symptom of something serious.  We have appointments available 7 days a week.  Just … Continue reading

Q. Should you fix your female dog while she is in heat or starting to come in heat?

During the estrus or heat cycle there is increased blood flow to the uterus and it’s size is temporarily enlarged, this may require some extra surgical time to ensure that all blood vessels are properly ligated to prevent bleeding, but … Continue reading

Q. My 8 1/2 male dog is urinating blood. What should I do?

Thank you for contacting us about your pet.  Blood in the urine is an indication of inflammation (and discomfort) in the urinary tract.  In a male dog, there are several potential sources of inflammation including the bladder, kidneys, and the … Continue reading

Q. New puppy! What are your fees to spay and Microchip?

Q: we are getting a Chinese Crested puppy the first week in July.  she will be 12 weeks old.  We live in Carrollwood and are looking to get established with a vet for her. Can you please let us know … Continue reading

Q. We’re going away for the weekend. What can I do about my pets?

Q: We are going away this weekend because my daughter is getting married. We’ve made arrangements to board our elderly dog, Princess. Our elderly cat, Patterson is an inside/outside cat. My concern is that she will be very unhappy staying … Continue reading

Q. My Pomeranian is peeing very dark brown/reddish color urine. She is acting fine and eating, playing ,etc. Can I wait until the morning for regular vet or is it an emergency?

This doesn’t sound like an emergency since your pet is acting fine, eating, and playing, but the very dark brown/reddish color urine is probably a sign of blood in the urine which may or may not be a serious problem. … Continue reading