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If I Fits, I Sits: 20 Cats That Prove There Is No Space Too Tight…

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals | Tampa, FL
Photo and info courtesy of http://pulptastic.com/cats-in-tight-spaces/

One of the great mysteries of life is the obsession cats seem to have with fitting themselves into the smallest of spaces. From boxes to shoes to various other household items, these cute and funny pictures will give you a good idea of the extremes a cat will go to just to snuggle into a spot they stubbornly want to be in.

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COVID-19 Service Announcement

August 11, 2020

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals adjust to providing care during the re-opening of Florida associated with human coronavirus COVID-19 by continuing Curbside Concierge Service, Telehealth, and Mobile Services, but we look forward to resuming limited in-hospital outpatient appointments as soon as we have sufficient confidence that we can do so safely.

We remain committed to caring for our patients and meeting their health care needs in the safest and best way possible. Be assured that we continue to follow CDC guidelines and federal, state and local recommendations for practicing social distancing. We have established a phased plan to resume normal services to see our patients for healthy pet exams, all procedures and surgeries and urgent care needs.

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