Happy Tails: Lil Mac & Link

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Happy Tails: Lil Mac & Link
Posted on August 8, 2023 in cat, Happy Tails, News

Story submitted by Jazmyn, Client Care Associate

One morning I was awakened by a family member who said there were kittens on the front porch. I sprung out of bed, headed outside, and there they were: two little big-eyed babies staring up at me. I crouched down and reached out my hand to see what their fear level was, and to my surprise, they ran right up to me without hesitation. I tried to find their mom but had no luck. I then took them inside and set them up in my bathroom until I could bring them into work.

The next day, I took the kittens to Temple Terrace Animal Hospital for their first visit, and they received their first round of shots.

After spending more time with these silly kittens and seeing their incredible personalities, I felt inclined to keep them myself!  However, with all the other kiddos I have, I knew it wasn’t possible. I wanted to be a part of their journey to find a forever home though, so I agreed to foster them. 

Soon after their arrival, Lil Mac & Link started socializing with the other dogs and cats in my home, without hesitation.  They soon became best friends with one of my senior dogs Daisy and were inseparable with her after that, for the two months they remained with me.

I wanted to make sure that Lil Mac & Link were able to find a home together and not have to be separated because they were so bonded.  One day at the hospital, the Harless family came into the hospital, with no intention of getting another pet–let alone two of them. When they saw Lil Mac & Link though, they ended up falling head over heels for these two brothers and decided to adopt them both!

As you can see these lucky boys are already having an amazing life in their new forever home. These kiddos were such a joy to be around–I’m so happy they were adopted together so they can play and wrestle for years to come!

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