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My 1 yr old hound/Ridgeback mix may need surgery for possible luxating patella. I am looking for an estimate of roughly how much the x rays, surgery and recovery would be. I do not qualify for CareCredit or Citi Health and we do not have Pet Insurance. Thank You for your help.

The first step with a pet with a possible luxating patella would be an examination with a veterinarian that has experience with luxating patellas and the associated surgery. This would cost around $55. X-rays might be recommended afterward. The cost of the X-rays with sedation would be $200-300. Should surgery be needed, the cost would be an additional $1500-2000. For more information, please search for luxating patellas at  To speak with our surgeon, call and ask for Dr. Link Welborn at 813 988 1189.

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