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We have a 6 month old Lab/ Border Collie and recently her right eye has been leaking a green fluid and we would like to know if would should bring her in or if there is an at home solution to this problem.

Thanks for asking about your pet.

The green discharge usually indicates a bacterial infection of the eye.  Oftentimes this infection is secondary to other underlying problems such as allergies, a scratch of the cornea, a foreign body in the eye, dry eye (lack of tear production), or abnormal shape or conformation of the eyelids (such as rolled-in or saggy eyelids).

Treatment involves a good ophthalmic examination to check for underlying causes as well treating the infection itself.  Expect the veterinarian to stain the cornea to look for scratches, as well as possibly checking tear production and eye pressures.

Eye problems should always be treated with the utmost urgency.  Problems can worsen rapidly and can threaten vision.  Please contact us for an examination for your pet as soon as possible.  You can call and ask to speak to any of our doctors at 813 973 8566.

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