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My family has just aquired a Umbrella Cockatoo, how much would a basic health check up with clipping of nails and wings be?

Congrats! Cockatoos are really neat birds! We would definitely start with an examination and general husbandry education.  Our avian exam is $56.  From there, Dr. Helmer will give you recommendations for what other tests we need to do to be sure your new family member is healthy.  When introducing a new bird to a family, we worry particularly about zoonotic disease (those that are contagious to humans) so some of the testing that will be needed to protect your family are things like checking for intestinal parasites and checking for psittacosis.  Finally, because birds can be good at masking and hiding illness, we would need to perform some blood tests to check your new bird’s internal functions.  You can call any of our offices based on what area of town you are in to schedule with Dr. Helmer.  In the Temple Terrace area call 813-988-1189, in the New Tampa area call 813-973-8566 and in the West Tampa area call 813-885-4477.  Hope to see you soon.

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