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I have a male and female rabbit and I was wondering if you spay and neuter rabbits. What is the cost for each including medication?

Yes we do. We would always recommend a full examination prior to surgery to ensure that your rabbit is healthy and doing well before going forward with general anesthesia and surgery ($56).  Once we are sure that he/she is doing well, we can usually schedule the surgery after they are 4-5 months of age.  A spay surgery for a rabbit is $190 and the males neuter cost is $140 (cheaper for boys due to less surgical time).

This cost includes a pre-surgical exam the day of surgery and pre-anesthetic bloodwork to evaluate liver and kidney function, check for any infections/anemias with complete blood cell count that could increase the risk of complications of anesthesia.   We also provide IV catheters, IV fluids to limit risk of low blood pressure while under anesthesia (a risk with smaller pets that can lead to poorer recovery from anesthesia) as well have full cardipulmonary monitoring while asleep for the surgery.All pets undergoing neuter surgery will also be sent home with pain medication (included in surgery price).

Being the resident bunny lover (I personally have 7 house rabbits currently), I have done hundreds of rabbit spays and neuters over the years and feel very comfortable with the procedure(s).  I work primarily out of our Pebble Creek office in New Tampa.  Please let us know when you would like to schedule an appointment!


Pamela Borderieux, DVM

(813) 973-8566

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