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How much is it to neuter my 10 month old cat?

It would start with you dropping him off at our office in the morning between 7:30a and 9a. If you have any previous medical records including vaccination status we ask that you please bring them in with you. We do ask that your kitty be up to date on vaccines on the day of the neuter due to him being in the hospital with other cats present. If he is not currently up to date on vaccines we can vaccinate him at the same time as his neuter. Once you drop him off, the veterinarian performs a complete physical exam and we collect a blood sample to run a preanesthetic screening profile to evaluate his health prior to the procedure. This screening process allows us to plan a personalized anesthetic plan for your kitty based on his health needs. Before your kitty is anesthetized, we give a few pre-surgical medications to help with pain control. During anesthesia your kitten is connected to equipment to help monitor his vital signs during the surgery. Once your kitty has recovered from the anesthesia he is ready to go home. We recommend you restrict his activity for 7-10 days after surgery for him to completely recover. If you call or email us we can give you an itemized list of the services involved, but the total cost of a Feline Neuter is $140. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you. Look forward to meeting you and your kitten soon!

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