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My 5 months old puppy just started to lose his baby teeth. I noticed his gums are a little bloody in the back when I brush his teeth. He spits up a little too all of a sudden… it just looks like water or saliva. He didn’t do this until he started losing his teeth and it tends to happen more in the afternoon evening when he’s running around playing. Is that part of teething? He is eating fine. He eats canned food only and he plays like normal. He doesn’t seem to be distressed.

Teething is a normal part of puppyhood. Deciduous (baby) teeth may bleed slightly when they fall out. This is also very normal. Vomiting and regurgitation or “spitting up” is likely not related to the teething. Clear fluid or foamy regurgitation, though not very concerning, could be the sign of a bigger problem. Parasites, acid reflux, gastritis, sensitivity to diet or just stress could cause mild regurgitation. I recommend feeding a high quality puppy diet made for his breed (ie small breed vs large breed). Feeding twice daily or sometimes three times a day in smaller quantities will help digestion. It is important that you see your vet to have him checked for intestinal parasites and have a discussion about his current diet and eating habits. Don’t wait until the problem becomes more severe to address it, as early on many gastrointestinal problems are more easily managed. Please call me if you have further questions.¬† Dr. Alison Adler¬† 813 885 4477

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