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Im a first time pet owner, my father gave me a baby pomeranian chihuahua. Not sure exactly how old she is but what advise can you give regarding the first visit as far as when and how often?

Congrats! Dog ownership is a big deal, so you will want to get off on the right foot.  The first doctor’s visit is really important.  Puppies are to have a series of examinations, tests and vaccinations every 3 weeks for the first few months of their life.  The first visit is one of the more important ones!  A comprehensive examination will be performed, a check for worms, and a de-wormer will be given.  Also your new puppy’s first set of vaccines will be administered.  We will give your new puppy’s first dose of heartworm prevention, and take time to discuss diet and exercise and review house training and neutering, all for only $81!  It is possible based on your puppy’s specific recommendations that the cost may be different, but in every case, you will be given an estimate before anything is done.  Come prepared with your questions!  Call to schedule based on what area of town you live in: Temple Terrace area 813 988 1189, WestChase 813 885 4477, or New/North Tampa 813 973 8566.

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