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I am a vet hopeful, currently taking classes. Where are some animal hospitals in the area where I can do voluntary services towards my major?

Congrats!  We always suggest that you log some volunteer hours at the Humane Society and at Animal Services.  As far as general veterinary practice volunteer opportunities, there are many places that accept volunteers, though I would not be able to list those for you specifically.  It may be best that you create a resume/CV and hand deliver it to those hospitals that are near you and interview in person with them, as there is immense variety in veterinary hospitals.  Some are very low end service and care providers and some are very high end service and care providers so you will need to decide what kind of ‘fit’ you are looking for.  We have a externships and internships available, but would be matched through your college or school.  Volunteering in a veterinary hospital comes with much risk for the employer, so we take a formal and professional (not stuffy:)) approach to handling this very important decision.

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