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I am looking for a vet in the Oldsmar/Palm Harbor area who has sufficient experience with English Bulldogs. Does your clinic have said experience or can you recommend a vet in the area that does?

Thanks for writing us!  Dr. Timothy Lassett is board certified in canine medicine.  This means that he has completed a significantly higher level of veterinary study than a regular veterinarian.  He is 1 of only 4 veterinarians in Hillsborough County to achieve this honor and status. He also has been practicing for more than 25 years.  I would encourage you to call to speak with him directly at 813 885 4477 to ask the questions you have about your bulldog.  You will be able to determine if he meets your needs by speaking with him on the phone, or simply scheduling your first appointment with him.  We do not take how much you care about your pet lightly.  Having someone care for your dog is a big choice and so regardless of where you choose to take him/her do your homework:) .  We are an American Animal Hospital Accredited practice which means we practice the highest level of medicine possible.  We also get very, very high client service ratings which we are really proud of.  We would love to meet you, so stop by or call anytime!

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