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Pet ownership isn’t always easy — but we’re here to help. Noticed a behavior change in your animal recently? Not sure if you need to bring them in for a visit, or just wait it out? Send us your questions.

Thank you for your question about ear cropping. Ear cropping is the surgical amputation of a large portion of the ear flap, or pinna.  This surgery is painful and has risks including infection, blood loss, and complications from anesthesia.  The...
Thank you for your question. Dizziness (or vertigo) is usually related to problems in the brain’s balance system, also known as the vestibular system.  There are many things that can affect the vestibular system including ear infections, trauma, systemic elevations...
Q: I am watching my brother’s dog while he is in college. Three days ago she was very lethargic, vomiting (seemed like mucus), and refuse to eat or drink anything. I found this kind of strange because I have another...
Thank you for your question. Your pet should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible.  All of our hospitals have convenient evening and weekend hours.  Vomiting and diarrhea will lead to dehydration and can be rapidly fatal in...
Thanks for contacting us with your question. The short answer is yes.  If your female dog has not been spayed and your friend’s male dog has not been neutered, then breeding can result in puppies.  I would strongly advise a...

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We all know that pet ownership isn’t always easy — but our team of veterinarians and veterinary experts are here to help! Have you noticed a behavior change in your animal recently? Or perhaps you’re not sure if you need to bring them in to our animal clinic, or just wait it out?

You can send questions directly to our animal hospital and our team of veterinarians will promptly provide our insight!
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